In Wonderland: My Striped Dress

Thursday, August 27, 2015

       I went to Andrea's house and somehow acquired a new dress and swindled her out of her new ring, which she (actually) lovingly handed over to me. That's what friends are for. 

       My favorite part about this outfit is that the lines on the dress remind me of an optical illusion, which was fitting for the Alice in Wonderland-inspired outdoor museum, Samson Park, where these pictures were taken. The dress has a slit in the front, which I'm assuming is to let your abdomen breathe. All jokes aside, I like how the stripes start horizontal on the top half and are actually vertical-facing on the skirt portion, which is flattering to the shape of the body.

     Since the dress is the focal point, I kept the little details, like the bracelet and the rings rather minimalistic. It's getting close to the end of summer, so having something like my gray cape-style sweater is a must-have for when the days start getting a little cooler. Plus I throw it on basically no matter what I'm wearing, because style. My almost knee-high socks will also be a staple come fall because I will continuously layer them with tights just to make each outfit as cozy as possible. Layering is the foundation of fall fashion and I am very much a fan because I cannot tell you how many feelings I feel for the fall and all that is associated. Swoon. I'm getting a new camera next week, so stay tuned for a bombardment of fall-related pictures, posts, and fashion! Maybe even some videos *sly smile emoji*


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