This Fashion Post Brought to You Reluctantly by My Twin Sister

Monday, March 28, 2016
       For this post, I thought I would do something a little differently and eternally embarrass my beautiful twin sister, Savoy. She is absolutely my most favorite human in the entire world and she is gorgeous as all hell. Even though I have the birth right to claim myself as the big sister as I'm one whole (and extremely imperative) minute older than her, she definitely often takes on the role of the bigger sister. She has always been very protective of me and is immensely supportive of my blog, my career decisions, and even my questionable life choices. 

       We were incredibly close as children because we literally shared everything. We wore matching outfits with slight variances in color like we were in a 90s pop girl band. We shared a room for many years with identical futons set up on opposite sides of the room where my sister would listen to me talk nonstop for hours until we finally fell asleep. Me because I was tired from all the stories I was telling and her because she was tired of hearing them. We've shared a birthday and joint birthday parties for 24 years. We've cycled through the same friends more than a few times. We even shared a kindergarten boyfriend. And even though we grew up worlds apart in high school because we didn't get along as the result of us trying so terribly to distance ourselves from the idea that we were one person instead of two very separate people, somehow our seester-ship came full circle. She is, just like the days of our youth, my very best friend.

       Today, we are so alike in our interests, it's just like the time when we would orchestrate and perform makeshift circus shows in our basement and perform them with our brother, Alex, for our parents. We are just so in sync, sometimes I even accidentally refer to myself as Savoy in casual conversation. Yes, we're twins. Yes, we've proved that we are indeed, two different people. But I've also learned to embrace our similarities, which make us so wonderfully interconnected. From our musical choices, to our affinity for making and then laughing too hard at our own bad jokes, all the way down to the way we dress, even still, we are one in the same and it doesn't bother me anymore. 

Right: Young twins whose mom matched them on purpose. Left: Older versions of aforementioned twins who came to their birthday dinner separately and matched by pure coincidence.
       So for the purposes of this blog post, I give you Savoy, my beautiful and talented fraternal twin sister, in a fashion photoset of something I would wear on a relaxed outing on a warm Spring day. We both happened to wear Urban Outfitters rompers unplanned on the day we were hanging out, so we documented the event and I had the chance to capture some rare modelesque pictures of her.

Now to ask if she'll let me borrow her outfit. We'll see if she's willing to share. :)

Romper: Kimchi Blue Ava Square-Neck Romper in Black $69
Shoes: Red Circle Jisca Flat in Black $11.26

If you need some professional style photos, you can book a session with me on and also check out some more great Spring/Summer pieces from Urban Outfitters I posted earlier this month here and here!

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