Urban Outfitters Springtime Off-The-Shoulder Romper

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
       Happy Spring! Yes, I realize there's currently a blizzard in Denver. Yesterday, I was wearing open-toed heels and enjoying 73 glorious degrees by frolicking around in my sister's front yard and today I'm taking my dog out wearing three layers of coats and trying to maintain my balance in 10 inch snow accumulations. I used to love the winter, but lately I've been gravitated more and more to the idea of eating on outdoor restaurant patios and attending nighttime summer Red Rocks concerts. So in the name of the highly anticipated warm weather, I wanted to highlight this Urban Outfitters romper that I've been dying to show off.

       I can definitely see myself wearing this all summer long, and maybe even Spring, if Colorado's temperamental weather allows. It's sexy, casual, and extremely comfortable. I love the off-the-shoulder trend because it's a subtle and tasteful way to give your wardrobe a look of allure. I really love this take on the off-the-shoulder look because of the way the romper shapes my body. It fits really well at the hip and then flares out a little like a dress, and doesn't swallow me whole like a lot of shapeless rompers do. 

       The shoes were purchased on my Lulus online shopping frenzy. The light taupe color goes with everything and the fabric cut-outs are so cute! I also really like shoes that give me a little bit more height and are still comfortable, so a bootie gives me all the solutions. Can I get a juvenile "that's what she said?"

Dress: Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Button-Front Off-The-Shoulder Romper $64.00
Shoes: Lulus Somehow Someway Beige Peep-Toe Booties $37.00


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