Vlog Two: Dog Days

Saturday, September 24, 2016

       The dog days are over, but not for me! Heading into the Fall, my dog Obi and I are still soaking up this warm weather by hiking with my boyfriend Mike, going to the dog park, and trying to get more familiar with all of this new camera equipment! Obi is a good assistant because he drools on everything and because of his innate cuteness, he is ultimately the main focus of my lens. 

       The video is almost entirely shot with my new DJI Osmo video camera, which is incredibly cool because it has a built-in stabilizer and shoots in high quality. I love it, but I still can't figure out why it won't stop beeping and no forum has provided me with any helpful insight. I will probably do a review in the near future, if you guys want to learn more about my camera and some of the other equipment I use! The last part is shot with my DJI Phantom 3 Professional, which I have since crashed upon what should be a routine landing (but I got nervous and steered it into the ground). It should be back up and running soon, but for now you can gawk at the beauty that is Colorado from half a mile in the air.

       Watch the video below for a look into my second vlog and see what I've been up to! I've also included the video of my drone crash so you guys can share in my pain. Let me know if you lovely humans want to see anything else in my future vlogs! Behind-the-scenes of my blog photo shoots, anyone? More of my mysterious boyfriend who never speaks in videos? Tell me in the comments!

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