#GlassesGoals: Affordable Online Eyewear from Zenni Optical

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Glasses Goals-
     I'm an optimist. So when I made the discernibly smart decision to see, I had a vision that my eyewear could be both stylish and affordable. It's not exactly cool to have constantly visual proof that your eyes are failing you, but I remember a friend who gave me some insightful information on where to get glasses for cheap online that weren't an eyesore. Sorry about all of the puns, I just enjoy making a spectacle of myself.

    My friend told me about Zenni Optical, the land where all of your #glassesgoals that you didn't know you even had become a reality and you can purchase a pair of glasses with prescription lenses for around $15. All you need is your prescription, which can be found through a quick call to your optometrist. I've bought glasses from Warby Parker before in the past, so I just transferred my information over from my purchase history. The only problem I encountered was that I needed to enter in something called a pupillary distance, an unfamiliar term to me. After a slightly distressed Google search, I learned how to measure it myself with a ruler. Equipped with only measuring tape and some anxiety over not doing it properly, I subsequently overcame a separate, but more extreme, anxiety surrounding making phone calls to strangers and called Target Optical to obtain the accurate measurement from my prescription dating back to 2013. Her immediate astonishment at how much time had passed between my last visit coupled with my impatience about receiving a thousand pairs of new glasses secured the decision to hang up before she could schedule my next appointment. Ain't nobody got time for that, I was fully prepared to binge order glasses with my outdated prescription.  
Glasses Goals
     Then, I bought four pairs of glasses for $65.12. Granted, the total was priced incredibly low because I selected all of the bare minimum options, choosing to opt out of upgrades like lens tint and a range of different kinds of anti-reflective coating. In hind sight, I should have probably added the anti-reflective feature because the reflection of light is a little annoying, but if you want to stay basic forgoing it isn't detrimental to your ability to see. My order confirmation stated that it takes 2-3 weeks to ship, but I received my order in the mail 9 days after placing my order. Overall, the process was fast and easy and now I don't have any excuse not to wear my glasses. I can see and I can see in a scope of style. Look at me clearly looking like I made a wise purchase! Let me know which ones are your favorite and look out for more pictures on my Instagram!

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