A Day in the Highlands

Saturday, June 13, 2015
       The Highlands is a magical place in the heart of Denver where hipsters go to dream, eat, and venture into hidden bars behind bookshelves. My band of newbie bloggers and I decided to seize the beautiful day and explore all the Highlands had to offer, which was mostly a lot of brick walls, local artistry, and brightly colored doors.

If you're looking for a great panini, try Maci Cafe.

       Even though it felt like it was a million degrees outside, the sun had been a welcomed break from the casual Colorado flooding that has been happening for the past two months. It's beginning to feel like summer.

       For some terrible reason every food place in the Highlands opens at 4 pm so we had to walk around suffocated by the heat, trying not to let our makeup melt before we had finished our pictures in order to find a restaurant open for business in the middle of the day. For someone who struggles to find a decent restaurant open past 10 pm in Colorado, this was a strange concept.

       Though through our midday strife, we happened upon Maci Cafe, which served a delicious prosciutto panini. There was also a juice bar that I cannot for the life of me find the name for on Google. Curse you search engine. Whatever you are juice bar, you were amazing and had a nice selection of fresh pressed juices and ice pops.

The best part of the storms clearing up, is a mix of carrot, ginger, and orange juice in your cup. Cue commercial jingle.

       Anyway, without further ado, here are some awesome shots taken by my lovely sister Savoy Sullivan and the beautiful and talented Chloe Butler. And some by me! Pictures featuring the unwilling Savoy Sullivan, myself, and the equally beautiful and talented Andrea Barnes.


Photo by Ariel Sullivan

Photo by Ariel Sullivan
       This is Savoy who also happens to be  my twin. Can barely see the resemblance? That's because she's my fraternal twin, but I assure you we are basically the same human when it comes down to the fine print (both mildly hilarious).

       One of my favorite things about shooting my sister is that she poses so effortlessly. At first she doesn't want any pictures taken of her. Then as I'm about to move on to take pictures of something else, she goes "well, what if I lean against this wall?" She's fooling you if you think that she's camera shy. I mean look at dat smile. #savoyiscute #sheknowsit

       In this small photoset, she's rocking her I'm-basically-in-a-folk-band style, which usually consists of her most favored brown hat, and a combination of casual and stylish pieces. The pairing of a basic cotton dress with more intricate gold jewelry definitely highlights the best parts of her personality  fun and laid-back, while still maintaining that allure. Plus, it was a super cute outfit to hangout in the Highlands in.


Photo by Chloe Butler

Photo by Ariel Sullivan

       So basically this is the most stylish person I've ever met, Andrea. When she first graced me with her presence, I was drawn by her hair mostly and immediately put off by the prospect of her being a vegan. 

       Luckily, she wasn't a vegan and now she regularly tags me in video comments on Instagram and includes me in group chats. Swoon. Her style is always bold and refined and I love that her outfits are easy to transition from day to night.  

       What I really enjoy about this outfit is the relation of solid black to the bright blue floral print. The inclusion of both creates a sense of balance in color, but also in style. I also like that the fabrics are rather light, which was definitely good during our moderate to severe heat strokes we endured that day. Here's one more picture to make you fall in love. Also, follow her blog here! where she just merely has to be herself to make jaws drop.


Photo by Chloe Butler

       For me, looking folk also comes as easily as it does for Savoy. All you need is the hat, seriously. Only in this case, mine is black. I've also swapped the oversized gray cotton tee for a more fitted navy blue cotton romper. I've decided to keep jewelry at a minimum and have instead opted for a simple leather banded watch and a skinny brown belt. A lot of the time I like to keep my outfit quiet and my makeup loud. I've chosen a purple lipstick/purple lip gloss combination to keep the integrity of my motto. Here are some pictures of me failing to look as effortless as the aforementioned two. 

Photo by Savoy Sullivan
Photo by Savoy Sullivan


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