Friday Casual: Pair Jeans with Heels

Friday, June 05, 2015

       Today's outfit of the day is pretty simple, as I just threw on some jeans and a gray t-shirt. I added a pair of nude colored open-toed heels, which helped to hide the fact that I didn't feel like getting ready today. It was raining, okay? It also helped to create length, which I am very much lacking. To make the heels appear a little more cohesive with the outfit, I cuffed my pant legs. But only twice. One more fold and you'd be veering into capri territory! Cuffing the bottom also allowed you to see the heel's cute ankle straps, an added bonus. As far as accessories were concerned, I opted for only my nude leather banded watch to keep it classy. Of course, I also had to incorporate my hipster glasses. There just seemed to be something missing that only two toned eyewear could solve.


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