Reinventing the Nerd

Monday, June 08, 2015

       Everybody likes novelties. Whether that novelty is an R2D2 keychain, a plush doll inspired by Sackboy from Little Big Planet, or a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt, our knickknacks act as ornaments to display who we are. While the specific objects don't necessarily define us, often the nostalgia or passion they create allow us to express ourselves in a way that can be both as fun and imaginative as the comic book series or video game that we obsess over. I for one, love a good graphic tee and alternately love to pair it with just about anything. I am a nerd, but damn it I'm going to be a cute one who proudly shows it. Parade that individuality! Like Rocket says in the movie, ain't no thing like me except me!


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