Cropped and Waisted

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

       Sometimes during the summer, I am in anarchy. I don't want to wear shorts. I've had enough of peeling myself off of chairs and car seats because my upper thighs have become sweat-glued to them. I've had enough of fun and bright summer colors. I want the fall. So this outfit is an ode to the crisp and cool weather and to the days where 70 degrees is just enough. While this particular day was still hot, the overcast provided a nice reminder that my favorite season is indeed, just around the corner. Still maintaining some spirit of summer, I wore a black crop-top recently purchased at H&M. The dark gray high-waisted jeans and the statement necklace also found themselves in my shopping bag on the same trip, making the purchase about $40. I'm basically free marketing for the fall H&M line.

       While this crop-top and high-waisted jeans outfit is relatively simple, it's an easy one to play-up with a few extra accessories. To make this outfit appear more put-together, I've chosen black wedges, which also make my legs appear longer. With my 5'2 frame, I need all the help I can get in that department. I've also included a feminine-style necklace and watch to add a small amount of color to my otherwise achromatic choices (plus I wear that Kate Spade watch with everything, who am I kidding?) And then if you're feeling extra fashionably elegant, you can throw on the big black hat and voilá, now it looks like you've put some effort.


Photos by Andrea Barnes. Check out her blog and all of her loveliness at :)

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