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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

       I got this dress for $12 at Old Navy. Amazing deal, right? I've seen their new commercials where Julia Louis-Dreyfus casually attempts to make their clothes seem relevant again. I didn't believe them though, because when I was in elementary school circa 1999 the only kids wearing Old Navy were the spoiled brats that I secretly wanted to be. Even if their t-shirts said Old Navy all over them alongside a big American flag and the year they were created in. But recent commercials have tried to re-brand themselves and I guess the lady from Seinfeld was the one commissioned to help. I tried to explain my excitement about Old Navy's transformation to my boyfriend and he told me I sounded like the commercials. What I'm just passionate, okay? They've CHANGED.

       The whole reason I actually made a trip to a local store was because of a girl that was shopping at Sephora while I was working. She was wearing a burgundy version of this dress adorned with a brightly colored
statement necklace and flats. I approached her in a probably very stalkerish way as I had seen her loop around the store a few times and couldn't resist telling her how cute she was and begging her where she got her outfit from. She immediately thanked me for the compliment and replied as if she was embarrassed where she had purchased the dress. "Um, Old Navy actually." Like I would be disgusted by her answer. But alas, I'm definitely no retail snob. So after seeing countless commercials and advertisements about their new look, I finally made my way over to the store. The boy working there had to rummage among piles and piles of discounted clothing (they were having a sale) to find this dress in an extra-small for me. This task totally cockblocked him from flirting with the dressing room girl, but all in the name of fitted clothing, amirite?

       While my client at Sephora went with a very chic and girly styling of the dress, I opted for more of a witchy vibe. Black dresses can only be characterized by reaching deep down into the darkness of your soul and matching it with layered necklaces with moon and star charms. It's the only way. I would have worn my large black hat, but I didn't want to melt to a witch puddle in 90+ degree weather. The best part about this dress is you can make it any style you want from polished Malibu Barbie to all the way on the other side of the spectrum, a menacing and otherwise unapproachable witch. Depending on how you feel that day.


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