All Decked Out in 'Date Night'

Saturday, July 04, 2015



       When I think of 'date night' the first thing that comes to mind is frozen yogurt. I don't know why but a good date always needs to end with some mochi-covered tart flavor. Frozen yogurt is where gummy bears go to drown, where the idea of health is discredited by an insurmountable number of candy toppings. When my boyfriend and I wind up at Yogurtland after dinner, my bowl always winds up weighing at least four times the size of his as the result of my lack of self-control and my very heavy-hand. And it's like 10 dollars just for mine.

       I've become so immersed in the thought of dessert that I forgot what it was I was here to talk about. Oh yeah, my date night attire. Let's see if I can spin this into relevancy. Frozen yogurt is my go-to summer treat after a nice little outing with my boyfriend. And I need something cute to wear while on that outing. Boom. So I've chosen this t-shirt style dress that I got for $20 at Urban Outfitters. TWENTY. I was just floored by this again while typing it out. It had been 30% off of $40 and when I got to the register, they surprised me by saying it randomly had been marked down even further. So basically,  as far as yogurt servings go, this dress cost me only two desserts.



       I've thrown on some simple nude ankle strap heels to make the style of the dress more feminine and kept the accessories to a minimum. Just a nude watch and a small bowtie necklace that isn't very visible in these snapshots. I also parted my hair to the side because I was feeling extraordinarily classy. If you could feel any more classy than I did in this instance, I applaud you immensely.

       I would also like to add that even though the heat was pounding, I surprisingly didn't feel like immediately fainting down these stairs because the dress is rather light and also super comfortable. I would, however, recommend wearing some kind of shorts underneath because you probably won't care for all the new friends you'll make if you for some reason need to say, move or bend over. Although not incredibly movable, the dress is definitely ideal for going out, whether it's hot or during the cooler nights with your date. (Just don't wear it to an amusement park.)

       I hope you've enjoyed another long-winded rant about my outfit of the day. If you're at all interested and think I'm at least a little enjoyable to listen to, stay tuned for my next post that will reveal my awkward tripod-selfie shoots and will detail quick and easy ways to use Photoshop to edit portrait-style photos. While Instagram covers the basic-bitch of all basics, I will teach you how to go a few steps further and create nice-looking photos even if you don't have a state of the art camera. It will be a real treat, I assure you.


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