Prints and Solids

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

       I've always been kind of wary of printed patterns on my pants. There's something about prints that scream 'sophisticated.' While some people excel at business casual, I feel like I'm not mature enough for prints. It might be because I don't quite feel like I'm quite an adult yet. I still chew with my mouth open and I still don't fully understand how to properly write a check. But the older I get, the more open I am to trying different styles and the more partial I become to the world of refinement.

       During my recent Old Navy haul, I picked up this simple magenta top. I had a pretty statement necklace lying around because of my serving job that requires it and I thought it matched perfectly in terms of balancing out the outfit. The pants I bought from H&M, while the nude wedges were purchased back in my Aldo employee days. While you could also opt for flats, I think the wedges elongated my 5'2 frame and really brought this look together. This outfit is perfect for a professional occasion, or if you're just feeling a little more elegant than usual, but don't want to wear a dress. Also, this outfit was less than $50 so that's a plus!


Photos by Andrea Barnes

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