When You Choose Positivity it Chooses You Back

Monday, January 04, 2016

     It’s easy to fall into a certain kind of perspective. There are terrible things that happen every day. Whether it’s to you or to the millions of people around you—there are varying levels of negative things occurring at any moment. And when these things happen, it’s quite easy to allow it to trap you in its negative energy. Your car broke down, you got a speeding ticket, or you have to pay for a huge bill unexpectedly. These things happen and they happen often.

     It’s the surprise of them that gets to us. Everything seems to be going great around us—then all of a sudden we are thrown off track. Given a new puzzle to solve, a new problem to rework. We have to try to fit this nuisance into our otherwise perfectly ordinary lives. To make it work, it often involves a shift in perspective or it requires more energy put into an old perspective to keep ourselves going.

     We try to be happy, but it’s difficult to understand why we should even try when all of these things are getting us down, pushing ourselves farther away from our goals. But it is all about the perspective. It’s about looking past the problem and solely at the desired end product.

     The end product is happiness. Everyone is striving for his or her own kind of personal bliss, which is all measured differently. I will be happy when I’ve reached certain quantifiable strides in my career. Others will be happy when they’ve had children and formed a family. We will be content when we've achieved any amount of success in our lives. These goals can be weighed, seen, and felt even. But the happiness in the moments you’re trying to get to these goals is just as important as the moments you’ve reached them.

     When something bad happens to us, we often lose sight of the bigger picture. We fall into the attitude of “nothing ever goes right” and “why does this keep happening to me?” Attitudes that are both counterproductive and self-destructive. Selfish even. These thoughts are damaging to your well-being. They can turn you away from creating, from rationalizing, from getting out there and just doing. When something unexpectedly disappointing happens to you, instead of saying “I can’t do this,” tell yourself that you can. Turn it around to something that can fuel your passion and drive your ambition. Tell yourself that for each one of the complications in your life at this very moment, there will be something far greater waiting for you. And you’ll know it because you’ll believe it with every fiber of your being. When you choose positivity, it chooses you back. Only when you can get away from those nagging thoughts, can you realize that they’re just getting in the way. Just something to remember for 2016 and all the years to come.


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