Add an Alien to Your Style

Tuesday, December 01, 2015
     I'm all over the place with my style. The way I look is the equivalent to a mood ring. Sometimes I wake up and am feeling like a princess, so I wear a sparkly headband in my hair. Other days I'm a little more experimental and am feeling that dark blue Echo liquid lipstick from Kat Von D, just to appease my witch side. That extends to even my clothes, which alternate from long flowy dresses, to all-black outfits, to Little Mermaid printed t-shirts (for obvious reasons and comparisons). 
     I think that's what's fun about fashion--being able to have your clothes represent little pieces of your personality. After all, people don't usually fit into any specific stereotypes so why try to fit your style into a box? Don't be afraid to showcase your differences. Adding some fun into how you choose to represent yourself can be done simply and even modestly. You don't have to get crazy. I chose this LA Hearts t-shirt from PacSun because it has a cute little alien, but the rest of the shirt is rather plain. I fell in love with this piece because it shows that I'm a little out there and damn proud of it. See something that makes you feel "you?" Don't be afraid to add that alien. Keep it weird.


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