I Went to Target for Milk and $200 Later...

Monday, February 08, 2016
Women's Mock Neck T-Shirt Dress in "Rust" - Mossimo Supply Co. $19.99
       I think every Target story starts the same. You went to buy a birthday card, or you wanted to browse through the shoe aisle to look at the sales. You go in expecting to get a gallon of milk and you end up redecorating your entire room and adding to your already piling makeup collection. I even coordinated my outfit for the next day. Because Target is a one-stop shop, it's difficult to not be tempted by all the deals and great selection of different products, styles, and brands. And while I spent more than the $4 I intended, Target is like therapy.

       See, my monster of a dog decided to claim my old comforter as his designated pee pad so my boyfriend and I have been sleeping on a bare mattress littered with blankets. Because Obi requires my  full attention, his time now cuts into my hour and fifteen minute getting ready ritual and I haven't planned an exciting outfit in the month since he's made my apartment his home. And because I am no longer a Sephora employee I am faced with the worst possible situation a beauty product obsessed person could imagine: running out of gratis. What will I do once I have to pay to try makeup again?! The ultimate horror.

       A $200 visit to Target and I fully believe in the healing powers of retail therapy. I feel much much better about everything. My room is completely revamped, partial sanity restored, and I acquired a nice boost of confidence. All in a day's work. So thank you, Target for all the great finds.

       (But I forgot the milk!)

Jersey Sheet Set in "Gray" - Room Essentials $33.99 and Geometric Bedding Set in Dark Orange $79.99

       I don't know why, but I was drawn to this dark orange color during my whole Target spending spree. This bedspread is rustic and retro, but the geometric print allows it to be modern too. For the sheets, I chose another fun pattern because it didn't seem like I was doing the comforter and pillowcases justice with a solid color. Gray works well with the orange because it's muted and allows all the focus on it, even with the contrasting patterns. I'm thinking I'll add some mustard colored accent pillows to play around with the colors. Maybe even a baby blue color, like the necklace I paired with  my strikingly similar orange colored dress. If you guys know of any cool places to purchase cheap throw pillows, please offer up your suggestions. Something preferably around $10 a pillow, if that even exists. I'll never understand why one decorative pillow typically costs more than $20 and I won't be a part of it. 

Matte Bronzer in "Deep Tan" - NYX $8.99 and Baked Blush in "Blush Pink" - NYX $6.99

       I wanted to try some cheaper makeup alternatives without skimping on quality. Everyone is always talking about NYX so I thought I would give it a try. I needed a new bronzer and blush and the current ones I have are around $30 each. I spent half of that on these two items! There were only two options for the NYX Bronzer as far as color: Medium and Deep Tan. After minutes of consulting myself and trying to Google the colors since there are no testers, I chose Deep Tan. The decision was in part because of my tan complexion, but also because I like to use my bronzer as my contour so I tend to gravitate toward the darker browns. I like this color because it's warm and has some reddish hues so it looks really natural when I blend it in with my foundation using my Beauty Blender. The blush is really soft-colored so it also looks really natural and gives just a subtle bit of pop to my cheeks.

       And just for good measure here is a cute photoset of my puppy. This is him looking pretty pleased with himself for ruining my new bedding and for also photobombing more than half of all the pictures.

Happy Target shopping!

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