Tilly's is for the Fashionable With a Budget

Thursday, February 18, 2016
       It seems like I'll be a poor college student for the rest of my life. I'm perpetually in the never-ending stage of semi-adulthood where nothing is affordable and everything is just out of reach. And to make matters worse, I'm a poor college student who loves clothes. And clothes cost an inordinate amount of money.
       That's why I've sought comfort in great brands that are cheap, but don't cut corners as far as quality as a result of their low prices. I've tried brand after brand, but only one will I forever be loyal to as they are the most accommodating to my basic needs as a clothing fanatic. Tilly's is the answer.
       Every time I walk in the store I pick out a few great pieces, my mind abuzz with all that each will effortlessly match in my current wardrobe. I was probably in there for a whole minute when I spotted this perfect outfit. I've been looking for a button-up skirt like this that's less than $30 for a few weeks. I was instantly drawn to the color. I love olive because it matches everything and although casual, still can be dressed up. I also like the cropped tank for the same reasons. It's a staple piece that I can pair with almost everything in my closet, adaptable for dressing up and dressing down. And with only $44 I created one simple outfit, but was also able to stretch out a whole wardrobe. I strongly advise perusing through Tilly's the next opportunity that arises. You and your wallet will not regret it.

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