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Thursday, March 03, 2016

     It's difficult to imagine that Spring is right around the corner. It seems like just yesterday I was reining in the New Year bundled up in three layers of jackets and trying to incorporate tights into every outfit because I didn't want to be restricted to only wearing pants during the winter, while simultaneously hoping that they'd keep me warm enough to walk from the car to the restaurant. But, I can feel the seasonal transition in the weather, which in Colorado is warm enough to be alarmed about climate change on a serious level, though we'll leave that subject to a different kind of post. 

     I am not currently complaining as the surprising temperature highs have inspired me stylistically and have also brightened a winter mood that can be best described as full of an insane amount of cabin fever. But with the leap year we were allotted one extra day of sunshine that I took full advantage of. Since warmer times, I've revamped my entire blog design, hopefully making it a lot easier to navigate and see what I'm up to! For the first time in awhile, I am craving any bit of summer that I can possibly get because of all the projects that I am currently cooking up that rely on the weather. Currently, I have a lot to be excited about and one of them is my blog nearing 4,000 views, miles away from this time last year when having a blog was merely a lifelong dream of mine and hardly conceivable. So thank you dear friends, for supporting me and choosing to come back and read all the things I pour my heart into and spend hours creating and constantly proofreading. I have a million more things I want to do and miles more to go, but I guess we'll save those for a different kind of post too. For now, let's soak up as much of this beautiful gift of great weather as we can and dive into some of my Spring favorites.
Ecote Guinevere Open-Back Frock Dress in Orange Multi - Urban Outfitters $69
      If you regularly follow my blog, this dress should look oddly familiar. It most certainly is. I am a huge advocate of Urban Outfitters dresses because they're honestly so perfect that I end up buying the same dress in two different colors. This is the Ecote Guinevere Open-Back Frock Dress in Orange Multi. It is short and casual, with the open-back cut out making it more interesting. It's a little pricey at $69 but this is an amazing fit for my petite frame and it can always be layered with a jacket, blazer, or cardigan to give it more texture, or paired with different shoes to offer up an entirely new look. 

     The shoes I chose to complement this look were a sandal with a small wedge that instantly added a girly vibe to my outfit. The soft camel color of the shoe's fabric also played up the Bohemian-style pattern of the dress. The cute lace tie and single strap over the toes are both fun and relaxed and the shoes are comfortable enough to not want to fall apart after walking medium amounts of distance (marathons not advised). They were also only $25, so a major selling point, ladies. Here's a closer look at the shoe's detail from Lulu's website:
Love and Devotion Camel Wedge Sandals - Lulus $25
  • Ecote Guinevere Open-Back Frock Dress in Black Multi - Urban Outfitters $69
     Here is the Fall version of this dress I mentioned, paired with tights and boots with a heel. With just a little color and pattern change, this dress looks like a  completely different dress! It's so versatile, that's why I had to go back and buy another one. There are a few other color choices too and since I have zero capacity to exercise self-control, you might see me gushing about it again in future posts. 

     If it were possible to be in love with a piece of expensively arranged fabric, then I would call this relationship amorous. Just take away the tights and the boots, add some heels or flats depending on the occasion, and you have another amazingly simple Spring look brought to you by Urban Outfitters. Stay posted for more of my Spring dress series where I curate styles so you don't have to. Let me know what you think in the comments, or browse my lovely new blog template and I will melt with appreciation!

P.S. Ugh guys look. *begins new purchase*

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