NYC Trip: Light Packing in the Big City

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

       I've only been to New York once before circa 2000 as a part of a family trip where we exercised our touristness to the fullest extent. Going as an adult meant I couldn't wear my camouflage pants with a matching green shirt that exhibited a pair of boxing gloves wisely purchased from Limited Too to Madam Tussauds, though I still really wanted to. Sadly, I no longer fit in most child-size clothing and I've ditched the matching outfits, but I've recently reintroduced choker necklaces back into my life meaning I've still got some kind of grasp on what it meant to be a cool kid in beginning of the millennium. I'm not much of a light-packer per say, as I'm always held accountable for the checked bag stuffed so tightly the zipper has to be jimmied strategically in order to close. But for this four-day trip, I wanted to focus only on the essentials, which allowed for more room to bring stuff back!
       In order to make space in my suitcase, I went to Target to buy the travel-sized skin and hair products in their convenient travel aisle. I love being able to bring just a small amount of product and they are pretty affordable, which is an easy sell for me. I chose the Tresemme shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray solely based on their smell. They have such lovely and light scents and they leave my hair feeling silky smooth. I also figured I needed some hairspray for the New York humidity. I wasn't looking forward to Monica-in-Barbados hair, but this hairspray worked well enough to keep my carefully constructed waves together throughout the trip. I also bought a tiny Dove deodorant because bringing smaller versions of your existing at-home products makes life much easier. Plus I didn't have to worry about misplacing the original regular-sized version. I bought two different body washes because I can't read labels and thought the St. Ives one was a body lotion. It was very deceiving (especially when I tried to use it as a lotion and was quickly disappointed), but I ended up liking the Softsoap one a little better because it had a better smell and lathered a little more. During my Target trip, I also purchased a new foundation primer from NYX that is super hydrating. I really like it because some primers make my face feel sticky or dry and this primer doesn't leave much residue. I definitely recommend it as a replacement for a higher-cost primer if you're looking to try something more affordable.

      For my wardrobe, I definitely tried to keep it light by bringing a few dresses and staple pieces like a pair of jeans and a few select tank tops and t-shirts. I was only there for four days so I didn't want to bring too many things and I forced myself to limit my options. I brought two halter tops from Pac Sun, a solid color and a striped one. These I could wear with jeans or shorts depending on the weather and could easily put a jacket over them if necessary. I wear both of these shirts quite frequently and wanted to bring only my favorites. I also added two t-shirts, a yellow one and a plain white one from American Eagle, just to wear casually walking down Soho or 5th Ave. I mostly wanted to be comfortable without comprising on style. With these options, I could pair with flats or tennis shoes and not hate myself after walking the entirety of New York.

       You know I put in a lot of effort in down-sizing when even my makeup bag felt light. I brought a neutral pink lipstick from Anastasia called Dusty Rose that looks good with almost every look, my newly chosen four eyeshadow shades also from Anastasia, a fragrance rollerball called Mod Noir from Marc Jacobs, and a sample-size Origins moisturizer paired with my Coverfx drops I mix together to create my foundation concoction. I obviously brought more beauty products than these, but these were my staple items that I utilized the most on my trip. I also bought a new purse from Target for $30 to carry some of my items while exploring the city. I needed something smaller than my regular purse, but also something that could be zipped up and carried across my body to avoid theft. Most of the time, I even wore my purse underneath my jacket, but this purse definitely helped to keep my belongings safe.

       And of course I brought my Polaroid camera! I was afraid to lug my Canon 70D around because I'd probably misplace it or it would get stolen. My Polaroid fit easily in my new purse and also was a good alternative to not having my camera and not filling up too much space on my iPhone with pictures, since my iPhone is always harping me about not having enough room for more pictures. I also brought with me minimal jewelry; just a ring, a bracelet, and some new choker necklaces I purchased from Pac Sun, you know, to keep my childhood style somewhat alive.

       These are just a few of the things I brought with me to New York, but definitely the items I utilized the most on my amazing trip. I loved leaving space in my suitcase because it allowed me to bring back souvenirs for my family members (think I <3 NY shirts and Empire State Building keychains) and also left room for my now favorite shirt with all the Friend's characters names listed down the front I bought from NBC Studios. Let me know some of your favorite go-to travel items and while you're at it, you can read all about my NYC stay here! I'm definitely looking forward to writing about more of my summer adventures so stay tuned! Love all you amazing humans and thanks for reading!

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