ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Review

Sunday, June 12, 2016

       Hello my loves! I am so excited to finally begin my Ariel Reverie YouTube channel. I figured I would begin with a video review of some new lipsticks I finally purchased from ColourPop after hearing so much about them. I have really been wanting to make the leap into the YouTube realm, but have been a little insecure about my knowledge of everything that goes into it. I don't have awesome lighting skills, I don't have fancy sound equipment, I don't know how to use editing software, and I barely have the confidence to talk to a camera for twenty minutes trying to see if anything I say out loud is worth cementing on the web forever completely open to public scrutiny and worse, praise (how do you even take a compliment and what the hell do I do with my hands?!) But I am the queen of excuses and sometimes getting something you've always wanted to do done means stuffing down your outrageously overdramatic fear and just making it happen despite permanent states of anxiety. So after spending a week solely watching After Affects and Premiere Pro tutorials until the sun came up, countless rendering malfunctions, deducing myself to a feeble human who lives at the mercy of technology, and enduring approximately five failure-induced headaches, I have created my very first YouTube video. 
       I still have some kinks to sort out as far as color correction and some general editing knowledge, but don't worry I'm going to be Adobe video editing software certified by the next few videos as I've been burdened by perfectionism since early childhood.  This is my baby and I want to build it up to something big. So please, I invite you to grow with me and hopefully my vision will start to come together!
       My channel will be an amalgamation of sorts like my blog--part poetry, part fashion and beauty, and part creative projects. I also want to get into comedy skits and my channel will host my new web series I am currently working on called Zella and Park. If you want to know more about it, you'll just have to subscribe to my channel, which I will continue to shamelessly promote across all my social media platforms. Please check out my quick review of these amazing and amazingly cheap lip stains from ColourPop and if you tough it out until the end, you can watch some bloopers. Because everybody loves themselves some quality bloopers. 
       Thanks for listening in on my world. As always, I am grateful for the continued support, which keeps my passion going and also feeds my insatiable need for an audience to laugh at my jokes.

From left: ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Cheap Thrills, Lumiere 2, Tulle, 1st Base, Chi, Vice

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