When Mom Gifts You Zara: Dress Up a Peplum Tank Top

Friday, June 17, 2016

       My mom recently went to New Jersey for a work training and brought my sister and I back some souvenirs. My momma knows I like clothing, and as an avid supporter of my blog and general dreams, she brought me back some items. One of them was this shirt from Zara, a place I dream of actively shopping at when I win the lottery or become a millionaire. Whichever comes first. Zara's collection offers great staple pieces that can stand on their own. I love love this shirt because it's a nice light material, obviously created with random 95 degree Colorado weather in mind. I've heard to stay away from silk in the heat, but this shirt kept me from melting and subsequently punching a toddler in the face, so I'm not inclined to believe hearsay in this particular case. I paired it with very light cotton shorts from PacSun, which definitely helped. This shirt is a small, but must run a little large to be able to accommodate the boob department, because I am incredibly small-chested and it did not fit me. Immediately after putting it on, I was reminded that nothing made with a woman's shape in mind will fit my small frame. With some safety pins and a little creativity, I got it to hold up and appear as if this shirt was made to fit my body. Don't be fooled, it is not, but I fixed it enough for me to appreciate how girly it made me feel and look. For a second, I forgot that I had the body of a small child. I kept my outfit color scheme simple by color-blocking white and black for a classy effect. The peplum also dresses the outfit up a little more. The shirt acts as it's own statement, so I wanted it to remain the focus and kept all the other elements pretty toned down. My momma also bought me these wrap-around-strap ballet flats from Zulily awhile ago that I fell even more in love with after I wore this outfit. This was definitely a quick and simple comfortable outfit that you can survive the heat in. I'll just have to beware of the impending ankle-strap tan line. 

       Also, thank you to my friend Andrea for putting up with my irrational heat irritation and taking these pictures. Above is us showcasing how sometimes we accidentally match when we go to take blog photos. No pre-planning was included, further proving how we were made for each other. To see more of this beauty, you can check out her blog at www.andreasanae.wordpress.com and leave her some love. Until next time, my loves.

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