DJI Osmo Test Video

Thursday, December 29, 2016
     Happy holidays! I've had my DJI Osmo video camera for a little while now, which is the one I shoot all my vlogs on and potentially want to shoot my web series with! I've been having some problems with recording as every time I shoot, there's a persistent beeping sound that won't go away and it's been driving me crazy trying to resolve the issue. The small microphone that attaches to the camera is also a little lower quality and catches a lot of the background noise, but once I updated the DJI app and switched to controlling the camera on my iPad vs. my iPhone, all the problems seemed to disappear! It was strange, but I can't complain. It is working better than it ever has and now I finally don't have buyer's remorse. I decided to test it out as a properly functioning piece of technology during Christmas with my boyfriend's family. You can hear them discussing Korean and American movies in the background. If you have a DJI Osmo or the Phantom drone by the same brand, let's talk nerdy! Feel free to leave a comment about any of your own camera gear! Reading forums gets pretty lonely.

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