I've Got Cabin Fever

Friday, September 25, 2015

cabin fever
(n.) a state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and listlessness, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place.

I've been definitely feeling a little cabin fever about life lately. I just want to get out and do something and I feel rather impatient about progress. I want to be a famous fashion blogger who posts really cool Instagram pictures about travel, food, and adventure who makes you wonder what the hell this person is actually doing for a living (like what is your real life income, seriously?) I want to just barrel into writing my own television series and have people actively want to tune in every week for the next episode. I want to take endless amounts of pictures that inspire people and capture amazing intimate moments. I want to write lyrics and have someone hear them and play that song on repeat because it makes them feel enormously heavy things, each string of words crafted in a way that describes what they couldn't put words to. I want it all and I'm feeling anxious about not having it now. But I will one day feel some small piece of wild success, I know it. And I'll look back and think how silly it was to feel this way, I should have just been more patient.


Shirt & hat from Tilly's, in honor of the new store in the Park Meadows Mall. 
Jeans from PacSun | Boots from Forever 21.

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